Issue Zero (0)

Letter from the Editor

Briefly known as Faculty Lit., Before After/Godwink is excited to release its inaugural issue: Issue 0. Of the nearly two dozen submissions we received—through word of mouth and a Facebook post, mind you—I believe the follow selections representative of the artistic route I’ve envisioned for Before After/Godwink. I am forever grateful for these five poems, [...]

“Now I Know” by stephanie roberts

Early September unfolded and the magnolia that dragged its resolve through another Canadian season sported leaves swissed by the sempiternal hunger of Japanese beetles. Pay no mind. This life of leaves dwindle. Instead, move eye to where leaf joints slim branch, already next year’s sweet-gasps swell there. Magnolia shudders, as stars and saucers of incense—a [...]

“Preparing the Way” by Steve Klepetar

What can I do if the sky won’t open for me today, and the tools I counted on are useless in this cold? My coat of arms has burnt out in the sun, and suddenly my jacket doesn’t fit. Has my tailor sold me out? My mirror spits back an image I don’t recognize, a [...]

2 Poems by Taylor Scott

on a day nothing like today i woke a metaphor my entire house a butterfly exhibit & i the sap they sank their proboscides into ~nourishment for maturation     there is no poem in me ‘less you seed it. ~soulmate _ Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Taylor Scott is a writer, performance artist, and [...]

“Abstraction’s Postscript” by Brandon Marlon

In the boneyard of isms seamy maggots infest middens while roaches underrun rubbish, nibbling yet unnourished. Brittle because drivel, femurs of theory jut out from plots like afterthoughts as the corpses of vacuous concepts and overwrought pseudo-systems arrive, splayed on tumbrels, with punctuality. Weightless, carcasses are tossed unceremoniously in unmarked mass graves, befitting their inutile [...]