Send Your Work?

What We Publish

Poetry: send up to six (6) poems, ≤ 35 lines each, as one document; we also accept found poetry, just be sure to include your original source

Very Short Fiction: send up to three (3) selections, each ≤ 400 words (including prose poetry)

Fiction: up to 2,000 words

Creative Nonfiction: up to 2,000 words

Art + Photography: Send up to three (3) pieces (Submit Art + Photography ONLY via email:

Before After/Godwink also periodically features individual selections  of literature, arts, and reviews/blog posts on our website. If you would like your work to be considered as a featured piece, please state so in the cover letter of your submission.

*Do send only .doc or .docx files

*Please allow up to three weeks response time before inquiring about your submission. All submissions should receive a response by the first week of the release month (January/July).

*Submissions in multiple genres are permitted.

*Simultaneous submissions are welcome. Please notify us if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

*We accept previously published work, as serial rights allow. If your submission has been published prior, state such in your cover letter.

*We require no rights; they’re all yours, always.

*Should the work we accept later be featured elsewhere, we ask kindly that you attribute BA/G for having first published and believed in it.


While the goal is to provide support for our contributors (actually, the goal is also to, in a few years time, transition into a small press house), we currently lack the means to pay our artists.

How to Submit

Per your convenience, we’ve made submissions possible through our website. Flip over to the “Send Your Work.” tab to learn more.

Upon acceptance, you will be asked to provide a short bio; there is no need to include such items in your initial email. The aim is a blind read.

Submission Deadline

Submissions for Before After/Godwink are accepted year-round. Submissions received after December 31st will be considered for publication in our Summer issue (released mid-July); submissions received after June 30th will be considered for publication in our Winter issue (released mid-January).